No More Chafing Down Under

We know all about chafing down stairs all too well. It’s the worst, right?

Well, what if we told you we could help prevent thigh chafing, and all it would take is a new pair of underwear? 

That’s right, you don’t need chafing cream, petroleum jelly, or any of the other home remedies that you’ve been relying on up to this point. 

Just get yourself a pair (or preferably a few pairs) of Man Up Down Under undies and you’ll have the perfect comfort for your rubbing thighs. 

Chafed skin is caused by constant skin to skin contact and rubbing, so if you eliminate the contact, you’ll eliminate the chafe. It is most common in the groin area due to the consistent moisture and friction down there. 

The pain can last for days after it occurs, and if you continue to make it worse then it will never go away. 

Our undies are designed specifically to be anti-chafe, and here’s how.  

Super Absorbent

Chafing can be made so much worse by excessive sweat. When dry skin rubs it doesn’t stick together and hurt as much, but when you add moisture like sweat to the mix it can become very painful. 

One way to prevent chafing is to avoid all physical activity to minimise the amount of sweat that accumulates between your thighs. But there is a more pleasant way: wear absorbent underwear. 

Our Man Up Down Under undies are designed to be super absorbent to help prevent and  irritate your skin in your cabbage patch.

Our undies are made using organic bamboo which we have found to be the most absorbent, soft and breathable fabric. 

They are quick drying, so they will soak up and remove any moisture, like sweat, from your skin and work to keep everything as dry as possible down stairs.

These undies are also super breathable, so you’ll feel plenty of fresh air, as if you’re wearing nothing at all. This means that you also won’t sweat nearly as much so there won’t be as much moisture to remove. 

It’s a win-win if you ask us.

Longer Length

In order to prevent unwanted and painful skin on skin contact when walking or exercising, you need a protective barrier. 

So, while you may be a lover of smaller or shorter undies, we strongly advise changing your stance and switching to longer length for ultimate chafing prevention.

Our Man Up Down Under underwear is made in extra length to ensure your thighs don't rub together and cause you discomfort or irritation. 

Snug Fit

Chafing can also be caused by movement and rubbing from the fabric that you’re wearing. 

Not only are Man Up Down Under undies made out of super soft bamboo fibres so the fabric won’t scratch, but they’re also designed to fit snug to your body and not ride up or down. 

The 3D panel and improved waistband that won’t fold will keep your undies exactly where you want them all day and prevent them from rubbing anywhere. 

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a pair of Man Up Down Under undies today and say ‘see ya’ to chafing for good!

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