Say Yes to Support and Comfort for Down Under

We know underwear shopping is a chore that you hate doing, but it’s a necessary evil. But we can help make the decision making process easy. Just say yes to Man Up Down Under. 

Leave behind the days of wearing uncomfortable underwear that doesn’t offer anything but chafed thighs, endless itching and nonexistent or minimal support. Say yes to support and comfort like you and your boys have never experienced before. 

You’ll be glad you said yes to our Man Up Down Under undies because we design them keeping the complaints and struggles of our male friend’s a consideration at the forefront of the design process. We want comfort and support of our gentlemanly bits and we are willing to bet that you do too. 

So, let’s take a look at exactly what makes our undies so supportive and comfortable.

Barely There

We know comfort is at the forefront of your mind when choosing what to wear down there, so we ensure our underwear is soft as. They’re so soft you’ll barely be able to tell they’re there, apart from the outstanding support. 

We’ve done our fair share of research and found that bamboo is the best material for your prized jewels. Our bamboo underwear is softer than their cotton counterparts. They are also quicker drying, antibacterial and hypoallergenic. 

More than the material itself though, the chafing is one of the worst parts about cheap undies. It’s not a feeling you can ignore and can be SO painful, believe us we know! But you won’t have to worry about that anymore with Man Ups. 

Man Ups are longer and protect your thighs from rubbing every time you take a step. So, now you can walk normally again without consistent or residual pain. 

Our undies also eliminate those itchy and annoying wash tags. We know that even if you cut them off the remnant stitching and material is always still there to drive you crazy. So, we don’t even use them, all the relevant information is stamped right onto the fabric, so there is no need for tags. 

With these few upgrades, Man Up Down Under undies will ensure you and your boys are as comfortable as ever. You’ll be so comfortable you’ll barely even remember that they’re even there.

Man Bra For Down There

I know bras are meant to be for women, but why? Why can’t we enjoy some of that support? 

Well, now we can; Man Up Down Unders are like a bra, but for your beanbags. 

Our undies are made with a 3D panel and stitching in all the right places to ensure you’re supported in all the right ways all day and night long.

Bras aren’t meant to slip down or ride up, so nor should your undies. With our new and improved waistband and snug design your undies will always stay exactly where you want them. 

We know you had an issue with the old waistbands that fold and irritate you, so did we. That’s why we designed a new one. Our new waistband won’t fold and will hug your waist nicely all day long. 

Between this new waistband and 3D panel, you can be sure these undies will provide sensational support for your jewels, and won’t ride up or down…unless you want them to (wink wink).

Upgrade Your Comfort Today

How can you say no to outstanding support and comfort for your precious jewels? The answer is you can’t!

So, get your pair of Man Up Down Under undies today and say yes to down under comfort and support like no other. 

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