Why Long Length Underwear is Better

So, the time’s come to upgrade your old faithfuls? Don’t settle for the same mediocre comfort of the cheap and convenient options your mum got you last Christmas. 

It’s time to Man Up and start buying your own undies! Don’t roll your eyes, we know it sucks, but you’ve surely got to be over the discomfort. The chafing, sweating, riding…don’t deal with that any longer!

Opt for superior comfort and support. Say yes to thigh protection with this longer style of underwear for men. 


Long Length Underwear

Comfort and fit are major considerations when it comes to choosing any sort of clothing, this is especially true when it comes to housing your precious jewels. 

You wouldn’t wear a shirt that had you itching and pulling at it all day, so the same logic should be applied to your underwear. 

The longer leg will provide superior support all day long, whether you’re working at a desk all day or doing heavy, sweaty work on a construction site. 

So, let’s have a squiz at why our new long length underwear will provide your manhood maximum comfort.


No More Chafing

With the comfort of thigh protection, our new long length style of mens underwear protects more than just your bait and tackle. 

With no more unwanted skin-on-skin contact down there, this snug-fitting underwear type will have you saying “catch ya later” to chafing for good. 

You’ll be walking normally like a human again in no time. No more walking around like you’ve got something stuck up ‘you know where’ anymore. 


No More Riding Up

The tight fitting – and by tight fitting we really mean snug – design of these undies means they will hug your thighs just right all day and not move an inch. 

No more disgraceful adjusting in public every 10 minutes. You know you hate doing it as much as the missus hates seeing you doing it … It’s embarrassing for all parties involved!

We heard your waistband complaints, loud and clear and now we raise you the ‘Manup Down Under waistband’. 

With the help of our new and improved elastic waistband, you’ll also feel hugged at the waist. The new design holds you tight and stays in shape. No more folding over and irritating you.


3D Panel

You could think of these undies like a man bra, but for Down Under. Afterall, why should women get all the support, us guys need some too!

A bit of extra elastic stitching in all the right places will go a long way. These man bras will have you feeling supported in all the right places.


Organic, Breathable Fabric

All of our underwear is made with your Down Under comfort … of both kinds … at the forefront of our minds, so sourcing the ideal fabric was essential. 

We use an ethically sourced blend of bamboo and elastane to ensure we’re providing you with undies that are so comfy they barely feel like they’re there, while also making sure to cause minimal discomfort to our beautiful Earth. 

We know the weather Down Under can have you sweating like a pig especially downstairs, but you don’t have to weather that any more. With our breathable fabric you’ll enjoy the cooling feeling of fresh air as if you’re wearing nothing at all. 

And, bamboo is moisture wicking, so if you do somehow happen to sweat or I don’t know … jump in a billabong, you can be assured that they’ll dry in no time.


Grab Your Pair

Grab yourself … a new pair of luxury underwear today. Where’d you think we were going with that? Wait, maybe it’s best if you don’t answer that!

Say ‘see ya’ to rolling waistbands, chafed thighs, constant readjusting and sweaty … well if you’re here then you know … 

Man Up Down Under is designed by men for men. So you know we know all the pains we’re talking about well. So, trust us when we say these long lengths are the best choice for men. 

Grab your pair of underwear, or get in touch with our team today. 

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