In layman’s terms… all your information and anything that you share with us at will be kept nice and safe. Because we take our own privacy very seriously, we accept that you will too. We promise that we will not share or sell any information you share with us to any third parties, and we will not use your personal information for any other means, other than what it was intended for.

Our Privacy Statement

Our privacy statement discloses the privacy practices of

This includes all the information we collect, what information we receive and how we collect and use that info.

ManUpDownUnder is owned by ManUp DownUnder Pty Ltd, ABN 31633385976

We have taken a pinky promise to commit to maintain your privacy in our privacy policy statement below. If for some reason we need to make changes to this policy, we will notify you immediately if need be, but the changes will always be available onsite.

Our obligation to your privacy & the info we collect

All of your information is handled very privately, securely and extra carefully at ManUp DownUnder. We understand that your privacy is a serious matter and we will only use your personal information with your consent for the services we provide. We can promise you that any of your details will not be used for anything that is not related to your order with us. We cannot and will not collect any other information from you other than the information you have provided us.

We will collect your name, contact number, home and delivery address, email address and date of birth. Obviously, we will need your payment details also. That is all.


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