What Is Bamboo & Why Does It Make Great Underwear

Bamboo is a fast-growing material that is not only sustainable but also renewable. It can grow at densities of up to 1,200 square feet per acre and takes just three years before it can be harvested. It also has natural antibacterial properties which means it's a great choice for high-risk areas like hospitals.

If you're looking to buy bamboo fabric, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. Bamboo fabric has been used for centuries in Asia for clothing and bedding. Bamboo fabric is durable, comfortable and sustainable, making it a great choice for your home.

Hemp is a renewable resource that requires no pesticides to grow. It's environmentally friendly because it doesn't require the use of chemicals or fertilisers to grow. Hemp can be used in a variety of products such as fabric, paper, cosmetics, food and more.

There are a lot of benefits associated with wearing bamboo underwear like breathability, comfort and moisture-wicking.

Organic bamboo underwear keeps you feeling fresh, because it is breathable and moisture-wicking. It also absorbs your dampness, leaving you to feel dry at all times throughout the day.

Bamboo fibre is a natural choice for an absorbent textile, it absorbs and dissipates moisture 4x faster than cotton!

Bamboo is a natural and sustainable material that is very durable and has a high resistance to heat and humidity. In the world of underwear, it's one of the fastest-growing natural fabrics in the world. It's also breathable, which makes it an excellent material for clothing like underwear.

Men should be aware of the importance of air flow and have cotton underwear in summer. The best underwear for men are made from bamboo: it has natural antibacterials to fight odour and fungus.

How is Bamboo Underwear made?

First, the woody parts of the plant are crushed and natural enzymes are applied to eat away at bamboo cell walls. This creates a dough-like substance.

The fibers are then combed out and spun into thread, creating linen-like fabric.

Cotton v Bamboo

Bamboo is a naturally breathable fabric which helps keep you cool at night and feeling comfortable.

  • Toxic Free

Cotton requires a lot of pesticides and fertiliser to grow. The problem is that these are toxic to the environment, specifically, cotton’s production.

Bamboo is resistant to insects & pathogens, so it's fairly durable.

That means bamboo can be grown without toxic chemicals or the need for pesticides. The next time you're wearing underwear, think of all the good things your body is able to do because of it!

  • Self Sufficient

Bamboo is self-sufficient, one-third less water than cotton requires and produces 35% more oxygen than most trees, while also absorbing high levels of carbon dioxide.

You should use a renewable material like bamboo in your home as it's the fastest growing plant known and is 100% biodegradable.

  • A big softy

Choose a fabric that is capable of sensing your allergic sensitivities, feels immediately soft to the touch and is hypoallergenic.

  • Lets You Breathe

Bamboo is known for being breathable. Your new bamboo underwear might be one of the best investments you made.

Bamboo fabric is more absorbent than cotton, making it a perfect choice for your sweat-prone friend.

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