Bamboo Underwear

Bamboo underwear has a laundry list of benefits. This includes comfort, sustainability, and breathability. But because bamboo is different then what you’re used to, you might ponder…

What’s the best way to wash and care for my bamboo underwear?

That’s the point of today’s blog. First and foremost, if you read the label on your Man Up Down Under underwear, it will say wash cold and dry low. This is the ideal way to care for all your natural fibre garments. Follow these simple instructions and it provides you with the longest lasting underwear and minimise shrinkage.

General Care Instructions For Bamboo Underwear

Washers and dryers have a million settings. It’s ridiculously confusing how many different wash options there are! The reason why is because each washing machine has been designed to accommodate cotton, polyester, linen, hemp, etc. 

In fact, washing instructions have a lot to do with the weight and weave of the fabric as opposed to the material. Delicate garments will need a lot more Tender Loving Care (TLC), while heavier articles will require less care.

What you need to worry about today is simple. For bamboo undies, always wash at colder temperatures. You should also keep time spent in a hot dryer very low. In fact, air drying bamboo underwear and undies on a clothesline or hills hoist is ideal. 

Air drying helps maintain your bamboo undies' quality. The fibres are infinity more durable when they’re not dried in a dryer. 

Bamboo Underwear In Washing Machine

With Man Up Down Under underwear, you can ballyhoo your bamboo undies into the washing machine like everything else in your closet. Like I said before, to maximise the lifespan of your natural fibre clothing, wash at lower/colder temperatures. 

Bamboo underwear almost always comes pre-washed, so shrinkage is not an issue normally. But washing on a cold cycle is an excellent way to avoid unexpected shrinkage. In general, you can follow the wash and care instructions on the back of your Man Up Down Under underwear.

But it never hurts to wash things in a more gentle and delicate approach. The greatest damage to bamboo happens in the washing machine and dryer.

Drying Bamboo Underwear

The bamboo plant, and bamboo fabric, is awesome. It has the excellent trait of being super absorbent. But, everything that goes up must come down. Essentially, there are benefits and negatives to everything.

The benefit is that bamboo is super absorbent. But the negative is that it takes much longer to dry bamboo underwear.

As mentioned before, bamboo undies can go in the dryer. I recommend keeping the running times on your dryer to a minimum. Another strategy you could use would be to air dry on a line for 20 to 30 minutes, then lay them out flat to dry.

Or you could line dry them the whole way. The power is in your hands. Why lay them flat to dry? It prevents your bamboo underwear and undies from stretching out.

When you’ve finished a load and your bamboo undies come out of the machine, it can be pretty heavy. As a result, when it hangs, it will sag pretty low.

Sometimes there's a risk of your undies stretching out of shape. Admittedly, this is more of an issue for shirts and pants, but there is always a risk. 

What should you do now?

If you’re looking for a pair of men's underwear, then it’s time to Man Up Down Under. 

Grab your pair today, or get in touch with the team if you have any questions.

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