Baby Blue Ocean – Blue

Size: S
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The fun bits…

Off we go to paradise…we all need holiday break every now and then, with cocktails by the sea, palm trees shading the heat and a swim in the baby blue ocean. Yes, it is teasing but hey, these babies are just as good as a holiday!

The boring bits…

  • ORGANIC BAMBOO: Here at Manup Down Under, we have undertaken two years of research to ensure that together we are doing our bit for the planet and the people who bring this material to life. We have researched our material to make sure it has been ethically sourced. 95% bamboo and 5% elastane.
  • QUICK DRYING: Our bamboo fabric is quick drying, so if you are out dancing in the rain or having a romantic midnight swim (which really should entail your undies being OFF) you can be assured you will be dry in no time!
  • NO CHAFFING: You know what we are talking about here… oh the pain! Manup Down Under will ensure you are walking like you don’t have a carrot up your 'you know what' anymore!
  • ANTIBACTERIAL & HYPOALLERGENIC: Let’s keep our boys clean. You never know when you are going to use them (wink wink, nudge nudge).
  • BREATHABLE FABRIC: No more sweaty or moist bits, our fabric ensures your boys can breathe and enjoy the feeling of fresh air  - like you are wearing nothing at all!
  • NO MORE RIDING UP: Let’s face it, there is one place you should be riding and it definitely ain’t when your undies are! You can be assured that when wearing Manup Down Under you won’t be caught out readjusting your undies in a crowded public space!
  • SOFT AS: Because we use organic bamboo you can be assured you're wearing a material that is soft and comfy and barely there!
  • 3D PANEL: A bit of extra elastic stitching that acts like a man bra. Why should the girls have all the support? We deserve a bit too!
  • NO MORE BOY SMELLS: Let’s face it, even we can’t deal with our own smell every now and then. Manup Down Under will have you smelling as fresh as, in no time!
  • NO MORE WASH TAGS: Remember the time when your mum would cut off all your clothing labels so you wouldn’t scratch and itch all day long? Well lucky for us, a mum came up with this idea for our undies. Your washing instructions are stamped on the material instead of annoying tags.
  • IMPROVED WAIST BAND: You spoke and we listened...Your Manup Down Under waist band will not fold and irritate. Phew!

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